Unemployment Compensation Review Commission
State of Ohio
Ohio Unemployment Compensation Law Abstract

Written By:
Hearing Officers
G. Bruce Lindsay and Blaine W. Brown
© 2006 UC Review Commission

Table of Contents

I. Covered and Non-covered Employment

Employer defined


Employment defined


Employment includes


Employment does not include

II. Filing an Application for Determination of Benefit Rights

Filing in Ohio


Statutory Requirement


The August 1, 2004 Amendment




Dependency Class


Seasonal Employment



III. Functions of the Review Commission

Commission Procedure


Hearing Procedure




Recusal of Commission Members or Hearing Officers

IV. Functions and Jurisdiction of the Director

Effect of Prior Determinations


Effect of Incorrect Advice Received from a State Employee


Corrected Determinations


Child Support Obligations


Eligibility Notice


Mutualization of Employer Charges


Interested Parties

V. Filing a Timely Appeal

General Requirements


Extending the Time for Filing an Appeal


Determining When an Appeal was Filed


Appeal to Court

VI. Eligibility for Benefits During a Week

Procedural Requirements


Involuntary Unemployment


Able to Work, Available for Suitable Work


Actively Seeking Suitable Work,and Unable to Obtain Suitable Work


Between Terms Disqualification for Schools,


and for Professional Athletes

VII. Deductible Income



Remuneration in Lieu of Notice


Workers' Compensation


Pension, Retirement, and Annuity Plan Payments


Separation or Termination Pay


Vacation Pay


Computation Rules

VIII. Separations from Employment



Lack of Work






Correctional Institution




Disciplinary Layoff


Labor Dispute

IX. Offers of Work and Referrals to Work



Suitable Work


Good Cause

X. Overpayment and Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Overpayment Where There is No Fraudulent Misrepresentation


Fraudulent Misrepresentation