Unemployment Compensation Review Commission

Who we are

The Review Commission is composed of three members appointed by the Governor, a staff of attorney/hearing officers, and administrative support staff. The Review Commission is independent of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

Gregory Gantt, Chairman 
Sylvester Patton, Vice Chairman
 Ed Good, Member

Meet the Commissioners
Executive Leadership Team
Kathryn Todd, Executive Director
Blaine Brown, Chief Hearing Officer
Sandra Hawthorne-Provo, Commission Secretary

What we do

The Commission conducts fair due process hearings on previously issued ODJFS Unemployment Compensation decisions that have been appealed by the claimant or employer. After a review of the facts, the Commission may affirm, reverse or modify these decisions.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission is to provide parties an opportunity for a fair hearing before an independent tribunal

  • This mission includes the following objectives: quality, timeliness, consistency, clarity, and efficiency

  • The Commission and its Hearing Officers have the responsibility to conduct fair due process hearings and to issue well reasoned decisions

  • The Commission has a responsibility to issue quality decisions in a prompt and efficient manner

  • The Commission has a responsibility to foster consistency in the Ohio U.C. system. This includes precedential decisions plus research and training